Cows go…


ImageMy upstairs neighbor plays field hockey for the Dutch U-21 National Field Hockey team. They took on England today in a friendly match. The Dutch won handily 5-1 or so. My friends Brooke and Cat who played Field Hockey for Bowdoin would have loved to watch the game, I think. The pace of play was very fast and all those guys were super talented. It was impressive to watch.

This was game two of a three game series. Unfortunately, the USA women’s national team was attending on Wednesday. I missed a big chance for the second installment of Duo’s global. I’m super bummed about it. I also would have liked to meet some of the US players. I rode my bike out to the stadium and got nice and lost as usual.

Watching the game gave me a big urge to look up the Rotterdam Rugby Club and go out and run around with those guys.

Yesterday I went to the Netherlands’ Architecture Institute; it’s based here in Rotterdam. (Aside–I just had my first sip ever of licht sprankelend natuurlijk mineraalwater light sparkled water…so good!). The design of the architecture building is very elegant and quite relevant to the Dutch condition. The structure is surrounded by water, the entrance is on a small causeway. The water enhances the building’s beauty. There are large floor to ceiling windows that nicely frame the agua outside. The institute had a peaceful cafe on a patio by the water but I passed grabbing a coffee there…a little out of my budget. The exhibit was called ‘ruin.’ A ruin is more than a pile of stones scattered on the ground. A ruin is a symbol that everything will be erased by time, it refers not only to an inescapable past, but also to an equally ineluctable future. Good food for thought.


After I went to the Boijmans van Beuningen museum and saw some Dutch art.

Lewis and Clarke reached the Pacific, believe it or not! For a day there I didn’t think they’d make it over the Rockies.

Right now I’m sitting down to watch Bayurn Munich in their season opener.

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