Hey fans,

Works in progress after a day and a half working in a studio in Kochi.

The first is an aerial view of Fort Kochi done from memory after walking around. I’m feeling a little bit stuck so Id love to get some feedback.

The second is a man walking around the dockyards in Bombay.

The other two pictures are of my beard and me with two of the guys here at Springr.

Taking a break to read. Right now I’m on Unbroken, a story about a 23 year old Louie Zamperoni who was an Olympic runner until history threw him into World War Two. His plane crashed into the pacific, he survived 36 days on an inflatable raft in the shark infested waters, and now he’s being tortured at the third POW camp he’s to. Page turner. Recommend.





2 thoughts on “Springr”

  1. Hi, David – I so love reading your blog – what an incredible (if not always positive) experience you’re having. And I love your paintings! So… I see what you mean about blocked – the watercolor is gorgeous, but indeed, as you leave the colorful city and look out to the horizon, it seems to fade. The composition wants something strong to bring your eye back up and out, whether it’s where the land meets the sky or higher up in the sky, you want to do something dark, strong, or solid (not blocky, but firm, if you know what I mean). Can you put some birds up there, maybe? Anyway, not very articulate, but I hope you catch my meaning. Glad you’re feeling better. It’s funny how one’s antennae get longer and stronger as one travels. So gratifying!

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