London Bound

I had a fantastic last couple days in Hanover, NH. I got to see some old Bowdoin friends and had a marvelous final dinner with my Mom. Thanks Ma! I said goodbye to my Dad yesterday when he left  for Ireland to do some market research for his green energy venture. For the next week I’m spending some time in London, looking at the Thames barrier which regulates the water levels coming up the river that bisects London. It should be great to re-visit my childhood home.

I want to share some final words that my friend Kelsey Aaron Cole left me. Kelsey, just like the Boy Named Sue is totally tough as nails. He recruited me to play rugby for Bowdoin and he was probably the second best president the club has ever had. Heres what he told me:

Some tips for traveling abroad–

1. Being jacked in America doesn’t mean anything. Your strength is instantly cut by more than half– you’ll only be able to lift like 1 european pound for every 2.2 American pounds. Small things will be a struggle–always make sure to use a cart whilst grocery shopping.

2. Watch out for Albanians who offer you free rides/cool stuff.

3. You already do weird stuff with your hair/wear skinny jeans, so you’ll fit right in with Eurobros.

4. People love learning about America and how much freedom we have. Talk about it all the time.

5. Are you more of a Mary, Edith, or Sybil guy? Decide now, just in case.

Number 5 is a Downton Abbey reference. Sybil is the obvious choice:


Next post will be about the Thames Barrier. Talk to you soon!

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